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Altraform was created as the result of my personal evolution in the service of others.  It is a marriage of the words "align" and "transform" that suggests reaching a higher altitude. Achieving this is the result of the actions we take once we increase awareness. Although Altraform includes mindfulness it emphasizes the steps we take after mindfulness is attained.  The swirl in the logo is inspired by the fern frond which unfurls from its center. In Maori tradition it is said to symbolize perpetual growth from a point of origin and regeneration. This is my mission.
In my lifetime I have helped others in various ways each one more exciting to me than the next. I have worked with the elderly, many content, several with regret and hearing their stories first hand has touched me. I have worked to keep them comfortable, happy and connected with things that matter and I have incorporated this work in helping younger people find their purpose so they can live their life without regret.  I have worked with students in the classroom and 1 : 1 in various capacities ranging from teaching English as a Second Language and Mindfulness Coaching.  I have worked with women with weight loss and self-care after struggling with my own and deciding dieting really stinks and working out is smelly. So how can I *do* this without punishing myself? How can I be fit and healthy and love myself even if I don't compete at someone else's pace?
I have trained professionals to connect with their populations both in the clinical setting and the classroom and I have coached individuals to overcome problems in weight loss, stress management, courage, finding peace, success, and joy. My mission is to help people live the life they want, foster meaningful connection, and to live without regrets.
My coaching is guided by the principles of Internal Family Systems. I am also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and hold degrees in Psychology and Health Care Management.
Besides my professional training, I learned through my own journey how hard it can be to zero in on goals, understand obstacles and confidently move in the direction of success. Going through this all showed me that my calling is to share and empower others to find their own path.  Guiding you towards the fulfillment of your dreams is my mission and passion. Showing you how to self correct and remove obstacles so you can succeed requires focused individualized attention from me to you.
The systems are simple and once learned are yours forever to apply in many areas of your life. Using science and age-old wisdom packaged into a user-friendly system for the modern, very busy person, you will find ways to tap into your aligned self to become the best version of yourself you dream possible. Learn to instantly relieve stress, avoid self-sabotage and self-criticism, and many other negative traits that hold us back.
Through Altraform  I offer a holistic approach to personalized coaching using the mind and body connection in ways that are accessible, adaptable and known to fuel your success.  
Thank you for the opportunity to inspire and support you on your amazing journey to self-leadership, wellness, and success.  Click HERE for a free Core Needs Reflection Activity.


— B.N.

“Theresa is warm, caring, present and an expert in her field.”

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