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Fitness and Self Care became priorities for me much later in life and only after I felt trapped in my body. As a teen and young woman I had issues with body image, sure, but objectively, I was at normal body weight with practically zero fitness level.
It wasn't until after gaining 90 lbs as a result of several rounds of fertility treatments, miscarriages and finally a successful pregnancy, that as I finally held my beloved baby in my arms, I looked up at myself and didn't recognize me. I would pass by mirrors or take selfies with my baby, and not recognize ME. People reassured me that I had been through a lot and that women over 35 having babies have difficulty bouncing back, that it's to be expected, and that I will adapt. 
But I felt *trapped*.
It wasn't a matter of having a picture-perfect image. My years of poor body image had brought on a sort of acceptance that my body would never do that. What I yearned for was something more meaningful.  I didn't mind my mommy battle scars either. However, feeling trapped in my body did not have to be one of them. I did not want to accept something I could change. But how?
I took an inventory of my wishes, needs and resources and decided to take control of my body with care and compassion. This led to a fantastic wellness journey that started in 2008 and continues today. Along the way, there have been changes, life difficulties, personal & professional development, and ups and downs - but no more stops and starts. I am here today because of that moment I felt trapped in my body and decided to find the way out, and now I am here to share it with you. This is what inspired me to become a coach.
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Coaching women in this holistic approach makes sense because as a mom and entrepreneur I know that we are balancing an enormous amount of overload and responsibility.  Often we are polarized and also pulled in different directions. My biggest personal fear is that we allow ourselves to be pulled by all these forces and miss the things that give our lives meaning. I want to help others flourish physically, mentally, and emotionally to live a full life, without regret. How beautiful it feels to self-care without guilt and without  "no pain no gain" bully tactics that I know do not work because I tried them on myself many a time. 
In my career before mommyhood, I worked with the elderly across long-term care settings. There were several individuals I consider mentors who touched me with their emanating sense of joy, contentment, and a natural way of nurturing their selves as well as others in their interactions.  What leads a person to age gracefully and without regret,  I wondered as I started my search for answers over 25 years ago. Mind-body self-care is essential. That is the road I am heading down in my life and I would love to walk alongside you on yours.
My coaching is guided by the principles of Internal Family Systems. I am also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and hold degrees in Psychology and Health Care Management. I believe that movement helps us connect to our body and that as we connect we can access our own path to wellness.
Besides my professional training, I learned through my own journey how hard it can be to zero in on goals, understand obstacles, and confidently move in the direction of success in fitness and weight loss. Going through this all showed me that my calling is to share and empower others to find their own path to intuitively understand what their body needs and know how to truly nourish it.  Guiding you towards the fulfillment of your fitness and weight loss for optimal is health my mission and passion. Showing you how to self-correct and remove obstacles so you can succeed requires focused individualized attention from me to you.
The systems are simple and once learned are yours forever to apply in many areas of your life. Using science and age-old wisdom packaged into a user-friendly system for the modern, very busy person, you will find ways to tap into your aligned self to become the best version of yourself you dream possible. Learn to instantly relieve stress, avoid self-sabotage and self-criticism, and many other negative traits that hold us back.
Through Altraform  I offer a holistic approach to personalized coaching using the mind and body connection in ways that are accessible, adaptable, and known to fuel your success.  
Thank you for the opportunity to inspire and support you on your amazing journey to self-leadership, wellness, and success.  Click HERE for a free Core Needs Reflection Activity.