When it comes to New Year's resolutions a good 80-92% of people fail. Often we are looking for a quick fix or derailed by small failures. There's a lot of advice about setting specific goals and making elaborate vision boards and sharing goals with friends and family. Support groups both physical and virtual can also be really successful. 

Yet failure persists at an astounding rate. 

I believe that when we start to fail or have that feeling we are failing, those very support systems we put in place to help us succeed can serve to magnify our failure and reduce our ability to make a come-back. The key problem, just like the solution, is often inside us. Often the very things we are trying to change are tied to an elaborate system we have created to get us *into* the very problem we are trying to escape. Systems have a tendency to autocorrect. so if you try to change one component of it, without addressing it as a whole, it might derail for a bit but then eventually will lead back to...

June 22, 2017

There is something about a good pasta and red wine that moves me. It literally speaks to my soul. If you want anything from me you only need to put those things in front of me and I crack. Top it with chocolate dessert and I am worse than my  goofy dog trying to hitch a ride with the mailman for treats. In case you think I am all discipline and no play, there it is - my weakness. 

My saving grace is that clean eating has changed my tastebuds so I am very discerning and enjoy quality ingredients, even when I am indulging. That helps a lot. 

And then I will occasionally find myself out for a slice of pizza with a girlfriend and the kids and order the small vegetarian verde and proceed to EAT IT ALL. True story. 

And I knowingly enjoyed every bite.

This is the beauty of intermittent fasting and eating 80-90% healthy. A little bit here and there is ok.

Let me tell you how I recovered today. 

First, I didn't eat a thing after 5:30 pm. Instead I enjoyed herbal teas and felt, OM...

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February 12, 2018

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