Small Group Coaching

If you would like to be part of my online community, I have a free group that offers tips, community, and workshops. You will also be notified when new rounds of paid hybrid group challenges begin. Those typically go for 3-6 months and blend live groups with 1:1 coaching in small groups of no more than 10. Access the free Facebook group here.


Customized group packages are available. Group Coaching blend workshops and shared experiential sessions along with 1:1 support. They can be virtual or in-person, typically outdoors in nature. 

Message me for an opportunity to tailor something to your needs! 

Group & 1:1 Hybrid Coaching Program

This style of coaching will guide you towards an intuitive simple and sustainable method for: 

  • Fitness & Weight Loss

  • Tuning in to your core self to understand and get to know your inner saboteur

  • Finding clarity, creativity and confidence to make the changes you want

  • Building Connection to your higher purpose

  • Inspiration & Support for deep-dive personal development on your individualized journey.

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Theresa Velendzas MS 
Life Coach
Certified IFS Practitioner,