Top Reasons We Avoid Working Out and How to Overcome Them.

If you are here reading because you want to find something groundbreaking, just stop reading here. This blog is really a self-check that also lets you know you are not alone. If you take just 1 thing away from this article it’s that we are our own worst barriers to success. None of these obstacles is unique though I offer plenty of tips. Just know, that super fit runner on the street you pass in your car? They experience these too. Here’s some of what they do to overcome them.

  1. I don’t have time. We are busier than ever yet we spend more and more time online. Check your screen time. Schedule your workout in. Combine your TV time with a workout, cut back on dead time online with a timer and stick to it. There is a way.

  2. I don’t feel like it. The truth is that we are wired to take the path of least resistance. If you wait to “feel like it” it will never happen so work on the internal dialogue- mind over matter. Confession: I often don’t feel like it.

  3. I’m hungry. Ensuring you eat throughout the day is extremely important. If you have your workout on your schedule make sure it fits around your meals. This does not mean you have to be very strict with meal planning. Remember you CAN work out after a snack. Make it a good one and go. This is a favorite self sabotage of mine. Just snack and go. A banana and 10 almonds work great! Check out some more tips here.

  4. My back hurts. I hear about back discomfort almost daily and it most often comes from people waiting to start exercising. This is largely due to poor posture and deconditioning. Many times I ask if they have seen a Physical Therapist and they say NO. If you have chronic back pain you need to address it. If you have, then DO the prescribed exercises every day. One key thing we neglect is stretching. Check out my video on stretching daily to start your day with good posture. A few minutes can make such a difference. You can start with yoga. Strengthen your back muscles and work your way into more intense exercises and yoga. If you are interested in an assessment and personalized program to work on your back, message me to schedule an appointment.

  1. I’m tired. Check your sleep schedule. Check your diet. Are you eating the right portions or proportions? How is your sugar intake? A great “do it yourself” program that I love is the 21 Day Fix you can try here and I can help you with. It is adaptable to vegetarian, gluten free, international cuisine and a busy lifestyle. It will leave you feeling full, energized and will give you the right amount of food to help you with your goals.

  2. I’m bored. I am a huge fan of home fitness for my baseline fitness. This means that every day I have a schedule for the exact workout that I need to do for the goal I have in mind. This is a non-negotiable. It’s different every day and preset so I do not have to think about it. Each workout has a different focus and is complete with variety to help me meet my overall goal. Checking this off my calendar on a daily basis, with my predetermined time frame gives me a sense of accomplishment. And you know what? On days that I might not be in the mood, I can talk myself into it easily because it is part of a plan and generally only 30 minutes. The second part of that is to find a way to have social support. Connect in a social media support group for accountability, plan a yoga class, a power walk, a run – something, with a friend. Get a personal trainer if you would like more accountability and 1:1 support. Reconnect with someone you know and feel comfortable with. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and can help you 1:1 as well. Message me here. Do not rely on combining all of your weekly exercise needs with your social life. If you didn’t have time before, how would you possibly do this? This is an excuse cycle we set ourselves up in. You would never dream of only eating when when your friends could go out to a restaurant with you, would you?

  3. I’m worried it won’t work. There is no shortcut to fitness and rarely is it contraindicated. In fact only specific activities are limited with health conditions yet appropriate exercise is always recommended even for therapy! In fact, fitness improves bone density, slows aging and prevents injury. Exercise works. Deconditioning happens fast, so it’s important to not allow more than a couple of days go by in between sessions.

  1. The weather is not right. Understand this is an excuse. Sure we are affected by weather but we have so many options. Find one. Home fitness works in any weather since you can control climate. The endorphins will cheer you up and give you more energy.

  2. The kids won’t let me. My kids used to vie for my attention during workouts but have learned that mommy needs to exercise just like they need to play. I do exercise with them but my workout is separate. I wish I could tell you I am one of those moms that can get a real workout done with the kids (while posing for glam picts, ha ha ha) but it’s just not something that has worked for me. They can exercise around me or watch but my workout is mine. Then when we workout together, aka play it’s all about them. They get the modeling, the play time, and a happy mommy!

Seriously, writing this out has been cathartic for me. These are my top excuses and from some basic research it was really reaffirming to learn that they are very popular barriers to successfully completing a fitness program ~ with emphasis on the phrase “successfully completing a Fitness program”. Fitness is never complete. We are all a work in progress, sure, but that is a good thing! Knowing that in 30, 60, 90 days I can be very different from today is empowering. Knowing that success is up to me is energizing, and knowing that I can vastly improve my future health and quality of life makes me want to see this whole exercise thing in a whole new light. You mean in 30 minutes a day I can do all that?!?!??? Yeah!

CoachTheresaWV is a Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer whose goal is to help people transform their life through self-care. She believes in lifestyle habits that include fitness and clean living for their empowering and life changing effects. As a coach she helps individuals reach their specific goals and put systems into place for continued improvement and sustained change. A mom of 2, Theresa does this for her children as well as a growing online and community following, helping people reach health and fitness goals one day at a time. Follow her at on Facebook at or email her at for a complementary consultation.

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