The At-Home Butt Lift ;-)

One of the most functional exercises we can do that will fire up our metabolism is the simple basic squat.. Though simple and basic there are a ton of variations that allow you to rotate and do them daily. The beauty of this movement is that it simulates something we do several times a day: sitting down. Done properly, it has the capacity to offer both functional strengthening as well as cosmetic benefits.

From the perspective of a girl, previously without a butt, I can honestly say that this discovery lead me to a lot of joy. I struggled with weak creaking knees and was off balance in my squats despite being overall healthy. In learning proper technique and persevering ,my previously weak knees are now stronger and quiet and my back-side significantly better shaped! I’ll tell you another secret. I do not and cannot have the hourglass shape with a slim waist that I have always coveted and even tried dieting for. It’s just not my body type. Yet, through sculpting and strengthening other parts of my body, namely my back-side, I am able to add curves and create definition. It’s both empowering and gratifying that I can do this myself.

A very important component here is posture. You have to be willing to honestly look at what you are doing in the mirror and spot yourself when you are not working directly with a personal trainer to correct you. This means you need to be vigilant in examining your movement objectively.

Another important component is knowing your limitations and also getting yourself to that point. If you can easily do 30 squats and hold a conversation, then don’t expect a lot of change. If you are in a challenge and your goal is a high rep number like a few hundred and you tank out half way, then you can modify to push through and build strength.

Squats involve a large muscle group and by now it’s no secret that this also fires up your metabolism. If you are looking to burn fat this is a fantastic add-on to your workout regiment. It will also strengthen your lower body and add some pep into your step if you are thinking about running! The benefits are many but perhaps my favorite is how targeted this movement can also be in creating muscle growth in a short period of time! Just be sure to consume appropriate amounts of protein to recover and you will see very results in as fast as 10 days and even more if you extend for 30. I encourage you to take measurements and take a squat challenge seriously for great results!

Another great benefit of squats as I alluded to earlier is that done properly they can strengthen weak knees and improve strength and balance while preventing injury. Building muscle also improves bone density. Posture is key here so go for quality not quantity if you are trying to overcome problems in posture.

For a basic squat stand with legs a little wider than hip width apart so that your legs form an upside down V shape. Toes should be pointing forward and your upper torso should remain as upright as you can without leaning forward when you move into a seated position. Move into a seated position leading with your back-side as if you trust a chair is there. Be sure to keep your lower back in a neutral position. Many people tend to have a curve in their lower back that pops the butt out. Not good. When you get to where the imaginary chair would be, stand up as if you changed your mind. You may swing your hands with the movement if this helps you.

Spot yourself from the front. Are your toes facing forward? Is your bottom indeed going as far down as you think? Spot from the side. Are you leaning too far forward? Is your lower back flat? You are on your way to changing the way you look and feel!

If you are interested in joining my Free Squat Challenge Group, it starts on Wednesday and goes for 10 days. In there we will go through different types of squats and aim for high reps and visible results in 10 days. To join, click here:

CoachTheresaWV is a Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer whose goal is to help people transform their life through self-care. She believes in lifestyle habits that include fitness and clean living for their empowering and life changing effects. As a coach she helps individuals reach their specific goals and

put systems into place for continued improvement and sustained change. A mom of 2, Theresa does this for her children as well as a growing online and community following, helping people reach health and fitness goals one day at a time. Follow her at on Facebook at or email her at for a complementary consultation.

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