I Love Pasta and Red Wine

There is something about a good pasta and red wine that moves me. It literally speaks to my soul. If you want anything from me you only need to put those things in front of me and I crack. Top it with chocolate dessert and I am worse than my goofy dog trying to hitch a ride with the mailman for treats. In case you think I am all discipline and no play, there it is - my weakness.

My saving grace is that clean eating has changed my tastebuds so I am very discerning and enjoy quality ingredients, even when I am indulging. That helps a lot.

And then I will occasionally find myself out for a slice of pizza with a girlfriend and the kids and order the small vegetarian verde and proceed to EAT IT ALL. True story.

And I knowingly enjoyed every bite.

This is the beauty of intermittent fasting and eating 80-90% healthy. A little bit here and there is ok.

Let me tell you how I recovered today.

First, I didn't eat a thing after 5:30 pm. Instead I enjoyed herbal teas and felt, OMG so so full. Second, water. I drank plenty of it throughout the evening. Third, for breakfast I started with green tea and felt so satisfied that I didn't need my power greens shake until 10:30!!! That was EASILY a 17 hour comfortable fast.

In that time, I rehydrated, walked and yes, uhm, cleaned house. I proceeded after my workout with a 2 egg veggie omelette rich in mushrooms, spinach, and onion, and so filling - with no carbs and am keeping my carbs down today.

It's about balance. Summer, like holidays, can throw us off. Longer days, BBQ's, mini escapes, evening outings ... temptation is everywhere.

Have fun and look at your 2-3 days and get back on track. Intermittent fasting helps me a lot as do herbal teas.

Never stop your activity. Being active keeps your mind on track. Food and health are after all a mind game.

Keep feeling well and you will keep taking care of yourself.

So yes, I LOVE pasta and red wine and sometimes have a glass every night for a few days. And it still works for me.

What is your weakness? Can you eat 80-90% clean and still be satisfied? Do not confuse clean eating with being hungry. I do not do hungry - at all. Be satisfied, eat well, live well. Doing so will reduce your cravings, prove empowering and help you focus on what you truly enjoy. I no longer need to go through a bag of candy to get to my real treat AND feel bloated on top of that. There is a way to have it all, and this really works!

If you would like help in getting started, it is super easy to do. Feel full, enjoy summer, get lean, be healthy. Message me to join a group or start 1:1.

There are lots of ways to do this. You pick what works for you and decide to commit. Work out every day for about 30 minutes, eat in proper proportions and re discover being satisfied, and adapt this to every day life while indulging from time to time.

This is why it works for so many has it has for me- 9 years and counting.

Live well.

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