A menu for hikers "Roughing it" with kids.

So... we did the camping thing. That's 3 times this year and if you know me you probably know that I am NOT a camping girl. So this was definitely me, going out of my comfort zone. Framing it as a challenge made it exciting. I like a good challenge and perspective is everything.

Originally we ventured into camping with a sleep out in our back yard which was a disaster because when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, everyone followed me and decided to finish the night inside. A few months later we camped at a camp site for 2 nights and that was kind of fun after we stopped being so cold. Lesson learned there: always bring an extra layer...The cooler was packed to the rim with fresh veggies, fruits, and even pancake batter for some really yummy sprouted grain smokey pancakes on the griddle over a fire. We had a washing station and could even walk to a toilet. It was almost like playing house in the park.

So of course, as true survivor fans, we had to also try "roughing it". This meant packing only what we could each carry in our backpacks, not to exceed 20% of our respective bodyweight. And so it went.

Let me just say it is impossible to maintain a fresh fruit and veggie habit while camping. BUT you do NOT need to give into junk food or processed fake food with trans fats. Those dehydrated ice cream and dehydrated weird entree labels are frightening to say the least. And of course foraging or starving is not an option with kids or adults who are kids at heart ;-)

So here is what we did.

We packed sandwiches for our first meal there and had a ton of fruit and good stuff before we left. We had my nutrient dense shake and fruit and eggs for breakfast to load up on energy. The sandwiches were PB&J with an apple on the side for an extra dose of fruit. These were in a separate container for our arrival meal during camp setup.

Here is what we packed.

1 block of hard cheese to cover dairy and butter requirements for 2 entrees

2 boxes of organic mac and cheese + extra elbow pasta

2 boxes of yellow rice + quinoa for extra protein

1 sandwich bag of dehydrated mushrooms to add to rice / quinoa mix

2 ripe avocados

3 packets sprouted grain oatmeal

2 packets regular instant oatmeal (apple cinnamon flavor) ( we affectionately called this food Glop)

1 banana

grassfed beef jerky

4 long life organic chocolate milk boxes for the kids


salt and pepper

vegan marshmallows with wooden kebab sticks

hard (vitamin C) candies

Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups

4 organic peanut and dark chocolate turtles

8 mini chocolate cookies

1 bag organic peanut butter mini crackers

sporks and pocket knife

paper plates

1 medium sized stainless steel pot

reusable water flasks

Katadyn water purifying system

dryer lint for fire starting

matches for when we get tired of failing with flint

On the first day we had loaded up on protein and fruit in the morning and followed up with PB & Js and apples after hiking through the woods with backpacks and setting up camp.

For dinner the kids chose mac and cheese and chocolate milk boxes. At home I usually make it with spinach and add real cheese and next time I think I will pack some baby spinach given it is so light. This was still very tasty and fun by the fire, anticipating the marshmallows!

For breakfast we had our beloved apple and banana Glop. I cooked it with water and mashed up the banana for added sweetness. It went really well with the chocolate milk for the kids and was very satisfying with black coffee.

Our last meal there consisted of quinoa yellow rice with mushrooms. What I love about quinoa is that it packs so much extra protein and energy and can be easily blended with most rice recipes because it cooks at the same water ratio and time. The added salt and pepper with cheese shavings made it perfect. It was accompanied by plain avocado scooped out of the shell with a spork, which I am sure added something to the flavor. The kids said they were the best avocados ever!

We had plenty of healthy snack / dessert treats and stayed hydrated thanks to our Katadyn water system. Eating was fun and really pretty healthy. Cooking on the fire was a ton of fun too. I recommend going with 1 pot meals that satisfy everyone and incorporating as much raw and healthy fats as possible alongside dehydrated real food.

We will be doing this again!

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