Rising From the Center of the Bed.

Regardless of lifestyle changes over the years I can honestly say that morning sleep is the best sleep, closely followed by spontaneous mid day naps curled up with a good book. Who is with me? I just am not that person who will wake up naturally at 4 a.m. with a smile on my face. But even if you are that person, I have come to realize that what you do in the morning matters.

If you typically snooze and take time to think about what you can “skip” in your day so that you can enjoy a few more minutes in bed, then consider setting your alarm a 15-20 minutes early for morning meditation. It can give you that extra time, in bed, allowing you to wake up with clarity and truly ready to conquer your day instead of jumping up after the fourth snooze, frazzled and frustrated. I was inspired by Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning to start purposely getting up super early and it took a while to find what works for me because I was comparing my effort to the successes of people I was looking up to.

Lately, I have been enjoying some great short meditations on my favorite new app, www.insighttimer.com that has a very rich free selection of meditations and music. I highly recommend it!

Few of us HAVE HOURS to sit silently to meditate. But I no longer need to feel like I can’t get any of that coveted peace I hear about. A meditative state, is that feeling of clarity and heartfelt compassion that you might feel when looking out at a sunset, the moon, drawing, dancing, or doing whatever it is that transports you and makes you lose all sense of time while at the same time making you more in tune with the moment. It is often referred to as mindfulness though the term is being more loosely applied these days I think. I don’t want to detract from it and downplay what advanced meditation practice can attain. But as I said, I will not compare my aspirations to someone else’s peaked success and use that as an excuse to quit.

So let me tell you just how pleasantly surprised I was when this meditation music came up as a suggestion for me based on my interests. This beauty from Steve Gold is, oh I cannot resist, golden. It was so enjoyable to me I was instantly transported, which was good because in the morning I have extra time NEVER and who doesn’t want to be in a state of calmness, confidence, clarity, creativity and compassion? This track is an instant fav for me though I do love a nice Activate Qi Flow with OM Mantra too and am not averse to a nice chant. There’s so much out there to help quiet the mind. I’m so glad for this in my life!

Morning routines set our day I think. It doesn’t have to be the same thing everyday but it does need to be nourishing and healthful for the mind and body. Having rituals provides a sense of order and completion and is calming. For me it works to do seasonal stuff. In summer’s I am up at the crack of dawn running and in winter I meditate in pajamas before morning face routine and kids. Work and exercise are later. I just can’t join that lady running down my street through rain and sleet every single day. And that’s okay. She’s ok, and so am I. In fact I’d like to meet her some day.

A morning ritual I practice with the fanaticism of a pig splashing in slop, is my morning face care routine. I need to give another shout out to my friend Brenda at www.FarmtoBath.com who makes this using lavender she grows in her gardens. She gave me this over the holidays and I have been using it every morning as part of my face care routine. I don’t think I can go without this morning scrub ever again! Its consistency and moisture are just what my combination skin needs before the different layers of moisturizer.

These rituals have become so important to me that I am motivated to get out of bed in order to fit them in! Mornings are not the same without self care rituals to bring clarity and focus and lead you into your day with an open heart. Of course, the ultimate treat is that morning when the kids know it’s “mommy’s sleep in day”. On those rare Sundays I can sleep AND do all this, ha! Best of all worlds! I am grateful for my mornings - even when I am too tired to get up.

I no longer feel guilty when I see someone running down the street when I am getting kids off to school and have 6 hours of “musts” before I can consider self care. It’s the little things we do every day for ourselves that help us navigate our world with calmness and clarity. Not all tools work for everyone. These for me are keepers.

Do you have morning rituals? What is your morning must have? What would you like to be doing? How can you fit some of that in?

I would love to hear from you. Comment below or message.

And of course, share.

Be well,


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